About VR gallery

“VR gallery Art/Space” is a virtual reality (VR) app where users can experience exhibitions through smartphone, with no need of a VR head-mount display.
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In “VR gallery Art/Space,” users can zoom in or rotate exhibits 360°, allowing users to examine the exhibits’ fine craftsmanship, including the rear side.

By using “VR gallery Art/Space,” users can view the exhibits from various angles, as if in your hand, whenever and wherever through the internet.

In Japan, there are numerous artistic items that deserve to be seen not only domestically but worldwide. Those items contain wide fields including fine arts, traditional handicrafts, not-widely-known collections, and finely crafted industrial products. We hope we can create opportunities for such masterly crafted items to be recognized and enjoyed all over Japan and worldwide.

App Controls

01 Navigate within the VR gallery

Use the joystick on the bottom left corner to move. Drag the open space on the right to look around.

Navigate within the VR gallery

02 Tap the Exhibits

A magnifying glass icon “+” will appear as you approach an exhibit. Tap the icon to see the details of the exhibit.

Tap the Exhibits

03 Rotate/zoom the Exhibits

Slide the exhibit to rotate 360°. Pinch out or pinch in to change the view size. Tap <  > on the top to move to the previous/next exhibit.
To return to gallery mode, tap the back arrow on the upper left corner.

Slide the exhibit to rotate 360°

04 Tap the Descriptions icon

Tap the description icon on the right top for more details. On the right you will see icons for Description, Website, Video, Sound, and Purchase.

Descriptions icon

05 View the Description page

In the description page you will see explanations of the exhibit, size, material, and etc.

Description page

Other On-screen Controls

Tap the "?” icon on the upper right for displaying the Controls Manual.

Controls Manual

The map in the upper right corner shows your current location in the VR gallery.
Tap the map to view a detailed map of the gallery. Tap the destination icons to jump to that point.

VR gallery Map

Tap the destination icons to jump to that point

Tap the List icon to view the list of exhibits available in the gallery. Tap an exhibit to jump to its location.

List icon

Starting Guide

01 Install the App

Install VR Gallery space app.

Google Play で手に入れよう
Download on the App Store
For Android 12 or earlier download from this QR code.
Android QR code For Android 12
※Messages such as “This file may be harmful to your device” may appear. However, it only appears because of the version difference between the approved app, and is safe to download.

VR Gallery space app

02 Create an account

Tap “Sign Up”

After confirming the Terms of Use check “Agree” and tap “Next."

check Agree and tap Next

Step1: Enter your email address and tap “Confirm." You will receive a verification code to your email.
Step2:Enter verification code.
Step3:Create password and sign up.

Create an account

※It is possible to login without a registration from “Visitor Login.” However, we highly recommend you to register so you can receive gallery update notices by email.

03 Login to the App

Login and select a gallery.

Select a gallery and login





※To enter a different gallery, tap the My Page icon in the upper right corner, and Log out and re-enter.

My Page

Log out